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6 Spots In Europe Perfect For Your Family Summer Holiday

Is it too early to be thinking about where to take the family this summer? Not the way we see it as there's really nothing to help you get through the cold and gloom of the winter quite like the thought of a summer break on the horizon.

Getting to the continent has never been easier, opening up a world of exploration and adventure opportunities to families of all shapes and sizes. But in terms which European hot-spots are shaping up to be the hottest for 2015, where are those in the know taking their kids this summer?

Lanzarote - Canary Islands

Well, an ever-faithful entry to the list remains as faithful as ever this year - Lanzarote is the place to be for guaranteed good weather and good times. The island's appeal for families has never been greater as it's becoming increasingly difficult to find a package deal where kids don't travel and stay for free, while those booking sans-agent will find literally dozens of low-cost daily flights from across the UK.

Brittany - France

What makes Brittany a pure haven for families? Let's just say the fact that it is home to the largest stretch of beach in all of France doesn't hurt! The charms of Brittany range from idyllic countryside to bustling beaches to five-star resorts to ramshackle camping - it's pretty much all bases covered for a great family holiday. What's more, it couldn't be easier to reach from the UK with a ferry crossing which for families with kids often ends up being one of the most enjoyable highlights of the trip!

Greek Islands

For reasons that are probably best not brought up too often while over there, Greece is still one of the cheapest, most accessible and most affordable family holiday country in the whole of Europe. The weather is stunning, the history is out of this world and as far as the Greek Islands are concerned, it's a tale of wall-to-wall sun, sea, sand and smiles!

Gdansk - Poland

An up-and-coming coastal paradise that's only just making it onto mainstream tourism maps, Poland's Gdansk brings together the best of modern beach living and rich history. Take the kids on an exciting boat ride to the wonderfully titled Hel peninsula where chances are you'll find your own private plot on a gloriously un-crowded beach surrounded by lush forests and nature reserves. Best of all - living costs in and around the area are almost jaw-droppingly low.

Sicily - Italy

Though often overlooked by those on the hunt for the real Italian experience, Sicily basically takes everything you think you know about Italy and concentrates it ten-fold. The food is glorious, the weather beautiful, the beaches flawless and the general way of life is almost painfully far removed from that of back home. In short, it's the kind of place memories are made of.

Newquay - Cornwall

Last but not least, if you're really intent on staying in the UK this year, then really nothing does the job for the family quite like Newquay. As a base for an adventure around Devon and Cornwall, Newquay really does hit the nail on the head with its pristine beaches, round-the-clock entertainment and the guarantee of plenty of other kids around to keep your own litter content all day long! - Australia - Canada - Europe - New Zealand

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