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Accommodation in Chelsea, London

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An apartment rental from is the ideal choice for your trip to the Italian capital

Or if you are visiting Spain, then Barcelona apartments in the city centre are a great choice.

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Flights to San Francisco

As soon as you see the miniscule Golden Gate Bridge from high in the sky, you realize that there is nowhere else in the world you could be apart from San Francisco. No matter how far you have travelled, how long the flight has been, you know that it all suddenly becomes worth it when the clouds part and you arrive to your destination.

San Francisco flights can cost $200 and up (depending on where you depart from). Upon arrival, the first thing you should really do is have a walk along the famous bridge, really open your eyes to the whole surroundings, once you have then you will be free to explore the rest of the city, from exploring the 1967's 'Summer of Love' congregation of the world famous hippies to some of the biggest Chinese communities in the U.S. You can even grab some food and have a BBQ in the grounds which once housed some of the city's most notorious criminals on Angel Island.

If you are expecting to drive around the city, then the parking charges and the one way streets may prove more stressful than you really need. Relying on public transport maybe the best choice of your visit, plus exploring on foot can allow you to venture to the places you never thought was possible. Including the Golden Gate Park, full of scenery and wildlife to take your mind away from the fact that you are in a city, and the free museums and exhibits waiting to show you what San Francisco has to offer. If you fancy something a little more hard-hitting, then Alcartz could be the place to really set a completely different tone. The Island was a prison, the home of the first US fort and the lighthouse set on the West Coast, if this may take your fancy then reserve quickly before the tours books up fast. - Australia - Canada - Europe - New Zealand

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