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Accommodation in Chelsea, London

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My Top 5 Photos

Hi guys! Sorry, I'm still living in the dark ages and don't have a blog yet. Still kinda old school but I've whacked a bunch of photos on my website so hopefully that's ok.

Asses are funny.

I doubt this one really needs an explanation. Probably sort of predictable but ass cracks are funny and I couldn't resist.

Ah disrespect... I am a bad person.

The photo itself is pretty lame, I admit it. The funny thing was that I was by myself wandering around the temples and had to set my self-timer and put the camera in a windowsill across the hallway. People kept walking by and I left like the biggest moron ever and would kind of hang around aimlessly until they left so I could finally take the shot. Took ages!

Yes, those are cane toads. Yes, they are poisonous.

I was on a friend's farm in Cairns getting boozed on Bundaberg rum and found a little, tiny frog sitting near us. It was about 1am and I love going on drunken adventures so I decided I would catch all of the tiny frogs on their farm and set off with that massive spotlight around my shoulder to complete my impossible mission. On the way I came across something even better - BIG frogs! Except they weren't frogs, they were cane toads. Poisonous ones. Plus I'm not sure if any of you have ever heard of cane toad golfing... I had and I'd always wondered if it was true. It is.

Doing the Beduin Boogy.

It was the last night before Ramadan and Dahab's clubs were due to close the next day for a month. There was a definate mix of characters and it looks like the local Beduins hit the town hard before their month long fast. I got one of them to teach me some moves. Somewhat creepy and embarrassing because I'm doing my stupid left hand in the air 'dance move', but it makes me laugh.

As the hotel sleeps... we get drunk and act silly.

After many games of Kings (or Circle of Death as this evil drinking game is often called) we found some props and felt like we should play in the bottom of an empty pool for some reason. And take photos of it. I guess my entry is the big photo, but to fully understand there are a bunch of wee ones that go along with it. Circle of Death is the devil.

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