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Working Holiday Travel Insurance
I hate travel insurance. I loathe the idea of forking out my hard earned dollars for something I might or might not need. Even worse, I hate the idea of trying to make a claim only to find out that because of some obscure loophole I end up not being covered after all. I mean have you ever known anyone to make an insurance claim without plenty of agro and a pile of paperwork?

So I have to admit that I donít tend to travel with insurance for short trips. I know... risky as it is I am a cheap biatch when it comes to insurance. Well thatís not totally true actually, for longer trips I tend to buy the cheapest, nastiest policy I can find that covers basic medical. Maybe Iíve gotten a bit wiser in my old age, who knows.

But working holidays are a bit of a different story. Iíve worked abroad in 5 countries doing anything from mind-numbing office work to scaling 10 foot ladders picking pears. If you are heading on a working holiday thereís a bit of an unknown thrown in there and the possibility that you might find yourself doing a job that might involve a small amount of risk such as labouring or harvest work. The chance of working random, unfamiliar jobs has sort of put the scare into me and travel insurance is always on my list of things to buy whenever I head out on a working holiday.

But you have to be a bit careful which policy you buy because most travel insurance companies donít cover working abroad. If you travel with BUNAC you can pick up their insurance policy but it costs a fortune. There are other options!

World Nomads is a good all-rounder for residents of loads of different countries with the added benefit that it can be reviewed from anywhere. This is especially great in case you donít know how long you want to stay abroad for. Itíd suck to buy a yearís policy only to find out that you have to cut your trip short for some reason after a month. With World Nomadís you can buy it month by month if you want.

There are a few more out there too and you can get more information and price comparisons at my Working Holiday Travel Insurance site. Itís mostly aimed at UK backpackers but thereís some info there for everyone else. If you decide to buy World Nomads insurance, make sure to enter the World Nomads Promotional Code to get a whopping %5 discount. The code is JCBDEJ and doesn't expire.

So I guess in summary... insurance is crap BUT it buys piece of mind and will save your ass in an emergency. If youíre heading off on a working holiday, insurance is a smart move but make sure your policy actually covers you while youíre working!

By: Kirsty
October 2006 - Australia - Canada - Europe - New Zealand

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