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Luxury Sailing Around Croatia

Croatia is known for its very long beautiful coast that holds over 1200 magical and breathtakingly beautiful islands and ancient towns. This coastal region and its beaches are serene, peaceful and lovely, ideal for relaxing luxury sailing holiday. The best way to explore all the wonders of this country is by is renting a Croatia luxury gulet that will take you on an adventure filled with diverse ventures, gourmet food, pristine nature, history and so much more. You will be able to enjoy your holidays in privacy with a smaller group of family or closest friends and relax away from heavy crowds.

This prestige country is the perfect summer holiday destination due to the single fact, which is; Croatia truly has something for everybody! You can get lost among peaceful bays and islands, explore busy lively towns that never sleeps, and a long history, gorgeous sea and last but not the least preserved nature and endless beauty. With sailing luxury boat you get to see the most of what coast offers in the shortest amount of time! The coastal region has a typical Mediterranean climate with warm summers and mild winters which is excellent. You can expect numerous sunny days with low chances of bad weather, especially in the high summer season. You could say that when it comes to the weather, Croatia is a true paradise.

Furthermore, all sailing luxury boats come with a crew on board so, by all means, you don't need to be a sailing expert to be a part of this. The crew onboard usually consist of an experienced captain, private chef, hostesses, and sailors, and they will be at your disposal at all times providing 24/7 personal high-end service. When you arrive at your chosen sailing boat your experience will be followed by great hospitality, marvelous dishes, concierge services, the highest level of quality when it comes to comfort on board.

During your holiday you will see some brilliant scenery and bathe in most beautiful beaches, or you can seek privacy in deserted bays and jump off the boat into the shades of blue. You can also choose a combination of relaxing and stay active by using various watersports, or alluring features like jacuzzi available on your luxury sailing yacht. All these unique and fun activities can be experienced during your cruise and they add extra value and make the overall sailing experience even greater than it already is.

When booking a luxury sailing experience around Croatia you are by all means guaranteed with high-quality standards in every aspect, from food, crew, the boat itself, and overall service. Everything will be tailored according to your preferences and organized in a way that you don't miss a thing during the whole memorable sailing experience. The possibilities when it comes to this type of exquisite holidays are endless!

Overall, this sailing adventure will allow you to discover the country in a completely unique way. So if you wish to sail in style and luxury of a beautiful yacht and visit one of the best destinations in the world you will absolutely love this holiday! - Australia - Canada - Europe - New Zealand

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