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General Advice

Short Trip on Busabout - November 2005 - Kirsty Henderson

If you are thinking of going around Europe with Busabout, read this and get my take.

Taking the Plunge - June 2003 - Judi Michaud

Some motivational words from a first time backpacker who's decided to pack it in and head to the UK to work and travel.

Backpacking Alone - How to Meet People - September 2005 - Kirsty Henderson

Some tips for meeting people while you're backpacking solo.


Peace Corps in Bulgaria - June 2004 - Jennifer Nikolaeff

Working with the Peace Corps anywhere in the world presents many challenges and the same can be said for Bulgaria!


Wimbledon - June 2003 - Kirsty Henderson

Details of a giant queue, giant crowds, and a sunny day watching some great tennis at the famous grounds with some good friends.

Canada Day in London - July 2003 - Kirsty Henderson

Celebrate Canada Day abroad with thousands of Canucks in Covent Garden and drink in the streets in a sea of red and white!

Waitangi Day in London - February 2004 - Kirsty Henderson

The Kiwis adopt one of London's most famous pub crawls on their national day and do it properly! Sweet as bro!

Cooper's Hill Cheese Rolling - May 2004 - Kirsty Henderson

Ever wanted to throw yourself down a hill after a wheel of cheese in a beautiful setting in Gloucestershire? Read on!


Oktoberfest 2005 - September 2005 - Kirsty Henderson

With litre steins, half chickens, giant pretzels and dozens of beer tents - it's the biggest boozefest around and the best party I've ever been to.

100 Club at Beerfest in Munich - September 2005 - Kirsty Henderson

If you are an Aussie or Kiwi on van tour around Europe, the 100 Club at Oktoberfest in Munich will be your final, unforgettable stop. Be afraid.

Terry's Berlin Tour - August 2000 - Kirsty Henderson

One of the best walking tours going, Terry has loads of fascinating information on Berlin before the wall came down.


Working on Ios - Summer 1999 - John Peacock

Working on a party island isn't a bad way to earn a few bucks and Ios, for lots of reasons, is a popular stop among working backpackers.


Spring in Budapest - April 2003 - Kirsty Henderson

Tales of hockey games, raves, and the best hostel I've ever stayed in.

Valley of Drunkeness - April 2003 - Kirsty Henderson

Discovered a gem in north eastern Hungary called Eger, famous for its 'Bull's Blood' red wine. Yummy but lethal!


St. Patrick's Day in Galway - March 2007 - Kirsty Henderson

Dublin's not the only place to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Galway puts on a good party as well!

Working Holiday in Galway - Summer 2000 - Kirsty Henderson

Galway is lively, vibrant city full of students and backpackers and a great place to stop awhile and work.

Quick Trip - Ireland - September 1999 - Kirsty Henderson

Two weeks in Ireland is enough for a taste but will leave you longing for more!


A Unique Sicilian Experience - Summer 2000 - Wendy

Burly, policemen, men in tuxedos, and private tours... what more could you ask for?


The Edinburgh Festival - September 2000 - John Peacock

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is known the world over and it's definately worth braving the crowds for a look!


Pueblo Ingles in Spain - February 2007 - Kirsty Henderson

The best way to learn about a country is to talk to it's citizens... and party with them too!

La Albera and Pena de Francia - February 2007 - Kirsty Henderson

A great little village and a monastery on a hill that are worth a look if you're near to Salamanca.

La Tomatina - August 2005 - Chris

The world's biggest tomato fight kicks off each year in Bunol, Spain so grab your goggles and brave the crowds for some great fun!


The Pilgrimage - ANZAC Day - April 2000 - John Peacock

Anzac Day is of special importance to all Aussies and Kiwis, so a chance to visit Gallipoli on the day is a moving experience.

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