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There are lots of working opportunities to be found in Europe if you know where to look. There are a variety of programs which allow young people from the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa to obtain legal working visas in several participating countries.

I've got details on how to acquire visas and what's required of you, but I'm not an expert and things change all the time, so you should direct your questions to the relevant Embassy or High Commission in your home country. For most cases I've provided contact details.

Passport holders for European member nations are eligable to work anywhere within the European Union. It's recently expanded to include more countries from Eastern Europe so your opportunities are many. Each nation might have their own red tape to cross through before you're entitled to work, but it can be done! If you don't have a passport because you were born in an EU nation, you may be eligible for a passport if one of your parents was born there. Each country has it's own rules and restrictions, and in some cases even having a grandparent from Europe might be enough. Contact the relevant embassy in your own country.

If you're not lucky enough to qualify to work legally, there are plenty of under the table opportunities to be found all over Europe, from working in a backpacker's hostels, to pulling pints on the Austrian ski slopes.

Not only is working in Europe a great way to extend your trip and maybe save money, it also affords you a chance to really get under the skin of a place and get to know a country from a different perspective to the average tourist passing through. It's also a great to be able to stick around in a place longer than a few days and to get to make new friends in countries all over the continent.

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