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Expat Health Insurance

If you are planning on moving to another country for a long time then typical travel insurance isn’t going to cut it and you will need a health insurance policy geared towards expatriates. Expat health insurance covers expatriates medically where local governments or their employer’s insurance policy might not.

Expat health insurance gives specific cover that regular travel insurance doesn’t. Travel insurance usually expires after a year and expatriates are often in need of much longer coverage with a focus on health insurance and less of a need for luggage insurance, lost passport cover and the usual things that travellers on the move will need to consider. Expatriates have different needs and this is where health insurance policies geared specifically towards expats come in.

There are so many companies offering expatriate health insurance that it is extremely difficult to decide between them. What you should look for in an expat health insurance policy depends largely on your individual circumstances.

Your Personal Requirements

Expatriates have several options for health insurance. Students will most likely be required to have health insurance of some kind in order to study in a foreign country. Student policies are often available cheaply. Expatriates who have gone to their new country because of a job could be covered by their employer. The self-employed, expats who are on a break from work or people working unskilled or under-the-table jobs to support their expat lifestyle are not likely to have any coverage.

Where You Live Now

If you live in a developed country, you might be eligible to make monthly contributions to the country’s national health care plan to gain a level of coverage similar or identical to what citizens are entitled to. If you live in a less developed nation, this will probably not be an option and taking out expat health insurance will cover where the government can not.

Current Health

If you are an expatriate who is in good health, you will look at the expatriate health insurance policies with a different set of requirements than someone who is in poor health. The more existing conditions you have or the level of coverage you want will have an effect on the price you will pay.

Level of Expat Insurance Coverage

Most expat health insurance companies provide a variety of plans with various levels of covers and various different prices to go with them. If you short on money and are in good health and the country you are planning on moving to has few health threats, then taking out an expat health insurance policy that only covers emergencies could be a good choice for you.

Your Money Situation

Skimping on health insurance isn't always wise, but you can lower your expat health insurance costs by expecting to pay a higher deductable if you do need to make a claim.

There are lots of companies offering expat health insurance so take time to consider your needs, your budget, and the risks or advantages of your home as an expat before you rush into buying a policy.

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