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Gold Coast, Great Barrier Reef, and Gambling

The Australian state of Queensland offers a wide range of sights and activities for tourists. Located in the northeast part of the country, one of the fastest growing city here is the Gold Coast. In recent years, this city has seen substantial growth in the area of tourism and today, it is one of the most popular tourist areas of Australia. With a subtropical climate, visitors enjoy the sunny beaches and many surfers find the waters around the Gold Coast to be some of the best for surfing. Theme parks and many nightlife activities also exist; as evidence of the Gold Coast's importance, the city has been selected to host the Commonwealth Games in 2018.

Another one of the more popular sites in Queensland is the Great Barrier Reef. The reef is the largest coral reef system found anywhere in the world and it stretches out for 1,400 miles in the Coral Sea. To show how immense it is, the structure is easily visible from outer space and the Great Barrier Reef draws a significant amount of tourists annually which generates much revenue for the area. Many of these tourists are divers who enjoy exploring the natural beauty of the reef.

For visitors to the area, another popular pastime is casino gambling. Not only is Australia home to many online casinos such as, it also hosts many land-based casinos. The Gold Coast is the home to Jupiter's Hotel and Casino which is specifically found in the city of Broad beach, this is the first casino to open in Queensland. Located near the Nerang River, Jupiter's is a large complex including restaurants, bars, a theatre, health spa, gym and ballroom and the casino also has a monorail to transport guests to the Oasis Shopping Centre. The capital of Brisbane is home to the Treasury Casino and like Jupiter's it does offer more than casino gambling. For instance, it also includes a hotel, five restaurants, seven bars and a nightclub. - Australia - Canada - Europe - New Zealand

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