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The Most Reasonably Priced Holiday Homes on eMoov

Ahead of the upcoming summer, estate agency has investigated into the most affordable places to live at the coast.

Due to the attraction of the sea and the sand, the prices of property at the coast can stretch a fair way. In particular, destinations such as Salcombe in Devon, and Sandbacks in Dorset are up there with the most expensive. Both locations are home to the rich and the famous, and this makes it no surprised that a mere beach hut along the Sandbanks beach can cost as much as GBP 100,000.

Nonetheless, if you're wanting to look into purchasing a seaside property at a more realistic price, has some really appealing options to look at.

Bude - Cornwall

Arguably the second home capital of the UK, Cornwall's beautiful landscape and enjoyable way of life appeals to house buyers from all over.

Despite the average home costing around GBP 250k, Bude offers an incredible beach location. Although it is currently quite unknown, Bude seems to be set on having the Padstow effect, and as a result buying a home there could be an intelligent move if one wishes to reap some awards from one's investment.

In addition, Nearby Widemouth Bay also offers similar properties, with an outstanding beach, some beautiful landscape, and a great set of shops and restaurants all on the hill above the bay.

Being in the north of Cornwall, Bude's location holds many benefits. The driving and travel time is brilliant, and this is certainly a destination in which one can enjoy an extremely peaceful way of life.

Stereotypical House Price: GBP 254,177
Price alteration in the past 2 years: 7.16%

Weymouth - South

The town of Weymouth offers some brilliant seaside homes that don't actually break the bank. Weymouth is located between two of Dorset's traditional coastlines, and certainly worth looking at.

The average price of a house in Weymouth costs around GBP 230k, more than the national average, but there are many reasons why this is so. For example, there are some incredible landscapes, landscapes that are far more beautiful than those in Sandbanks Bay. In addition, the beaches, and of course the general seafront that Weymouth has, offer some outstanding views.

The Isle of Portland, which is connected, is also an incredible location, and it co-hosted the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic sailing events alongside Weymouth.

Stereotypical House Price: GBP 229,906
Price alteration in the past 2 years: 6.62%

Westcliffe-on-Sea - East

Situated not far from London, Essex has become a more and more popular destination for people looking to live just outside the capital. One of the main reasons for this has been down to improvements in transport infrastructure, which includes the C2C line, and also the fact that Essex is not far from the sea. Once a huge coastal attraction, today Southend's image is not quite as beautiful. In addition to Essex, Leigh-on-sea has also became a popular destination, but has an average house price of around GBP 300k.

Situated between the two is the location of Westcliffe-on-sea, which isn't far from Southend's seafront attractions and is only a short journey to seaside destination Leigh. Again, the price of a home here is indeed more expensive than the national average, reaching GBP 224k, but nonetheless, this is still far cheaper than buying a property in the capital.

Stereotypical House Price: GBP 223,796
Price alteration in the past 2 years: 14.71%

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Colwyn Bay - Wales

On the northern coast of Wales is a destination called Colwyn Bay. Here there is a brilliant beach, many notorious gardens, and Eirias Park - something very special indeed. For children, there are also many attractions, which include the Welsh Mountain Zoo and the Port Eirias Water Sports Centre.

A typical property costing around GBP 170k means that a home in Colwyn Bay is not only significantly cheaper than a home on the south coast, but also cheaper than the national average. The pricing of property in Colwyn Bay has decreased up to nearly GBP 10,000, meaning that buying a property right now would be a smart move.

Stereotypical House Price: GBP 173,094
Price alteration in the past 2 years: 9.82%

Bridlington - North East

Despite not always being people's first choice home, the North East coast offers some extremely good valued properties for one's money. Additionally, if the weather isn't something you're overly bothered about, then this location could certainly be appealing.

The destination of Bridlington is just south of Scarborough. Here one can enjoy a more relaxed way of life, and it is the perfect place for families - offering both for the young and the old. The town centre is a key attraction, as are the beautiful beaches, and a wide range of different historic sites, not forgetting Bridlington Old Town. The average price of a house here is GBP 130k, which of course is a little bit more expensive than homes in the North East, but it certainly offers that little bit more.

Stereotypical House Price: GBP 134,069
Price alteration in the past 2 years: 8.64% - Australia - Canada - Europe - New Zealand

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