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Most Expensive Hotels in the World 2016

Most travelers live on a tight budget. We want to see beautiful places in the world, but getting there already has cost us half our bank account. The other half we spend on rent, food and other things like Eurojackpot tickets. So unfortunately, we don't have cash to get the best hotels or the most relaxed transport. But, it's okay to dream about ridiculous extravagance hotel suits and a nice, cozy bed when you are on another bumpy bus right? Maybe youŽll even get a decent night sleep thinking about it. We made you a list of the most high-class hotels to daydream about.

Ty Warner Penthouse at the Four Seasons in New York

This bad boy will cost you $50,000 per night, but look what youŽre getting in return! 4,300 square foot with deluxe furnishing with calfskin leather, Venetian velvet, Japanese silk and more. What else do you need? Well it also has panoramic openings and cantilevered glass balconies which makes this penthouse a "castle in the clouds".

Majestic Two Bedroom Suite at The Burj Al-Arab Jumeirah in Dubai

What better place to enjoy a nice, exclusive stay than Dubai? They donŽt call it the "city of gold" for no reason. For $27,000 per night you get a cinema room, library, butlers, Rolls-Royce chauffeurs and a view of the Arabian Gulf. You will have the greatest night rest ever in this 8,396-square-foot suite. The suit incorporates 14 sorts of pads, Egyptian cottons, remote draperies and a comfortable extra-large bed. Sleep well!

Lavish Penthouse at The Mark Hotel in New York City

What better way to end this list with the most expensive hotel there is? This 12,000 square penthouse costs $75,000 a night. For the 75K youŽll get five bedrooms, six bathrooms, a stately dining room for 24 individuals and a tremendous housetop patio with a perspective of the city horizon and Central Park for one night. All the furniture is hand crafted only for The Mark Hotel.

Already fantasizing about the idea of snoozing in one these suits? Unfortunately, reality is hard. Just as hard as your night bus seat. Take a chance to change your night bus into an exclusive hotel suit and play the Euromillions. Possibly you'll consider a bed with 14 sorts of cushions and Egyptian cotton next time. - Australia - Canada - Europe - New Zealand

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