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Going it Alone - July 2001 - Kirsty Henderson

I think that travelling alone is the way to go and hopefully this article will help dispell any worries you might have.

5 Great Sites to Dive in Australia - March 2012

Australia is filled with some great dive sites. Read this article to learn about some of the best.

Money Matters - July 2002 - Kirsty Henderson

SOme general advice on money, mainly information about how much things cost me during my time there in 2001/02.

Working in Hostels - October 2002 - Kirsty Henderson

Hostel work in exchange for accommodation is a great way to stretch your dollars. Find out how I did it!

Beasties - July 2003 - Gareth Taylor

My mate Gareth is an animal expert and he's kindly provided my site with a rundown on the favourites and most feared!


Indian Pacific Across the Nullarbor - October 2006 - Julie Paterson

For anyone in any doubt of Perth’s isolation, a trip on the longest straight stretch of track in the world (478km) aboard the Indian Pacific should soon put it into perspective.


Yacht Sailing - August 2001 - Kirsty Henderson

Get off the typical trail in Queensland by heading further east - into the water! Sailing up or down the coast is a great way to avoid the traps and see unusual sites.

Bushcamp Life - October 2001 - Kirsty Henderson

Working at Gagaju, a bushcamp hostel in Noosa National Park, turned me feral, but it was heaps of fun and a stop is worthwhile!


Pear Picking - February 2002 - Kirsty Henderson

The hardest job of my life is also the one I talk about most fondly. If you can find a good farm and friendly co-workers, fruit picking is the way to go!

Western Australia

The Jobs of Donnybrook - April 2002 - Kirsty Henderson

Donnybrook is a very lucrative place for people looking to save money quickly. If you arrive at the right time you'll always be working and always saving.

Middle of Nowhere - June 2002 - Kirsty Henderson

If you want to do something completely different and meet some true Aussies, try to get work on a cattle or sheep station in the middle of nowhere. - Australia - Canada - Europe - New Zealand

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