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London's Telegraph Outdoor Show

The 13th aniversary of London's Telegraph Outdoor Show will see not one, but two of the world's longest zip lines installed inside the ExCel Centre exhibition space. Oh hell yes! This exciting addition sets the tone for an exhibition dedicated to outdoor adventure travel all over the world.

This show has to be one of the largest in the world dedicated to outdoor adventure. If you walk in the doors without an adventurous spirit, you're sure to leave ready to pack up all of your stuff and trek up some mountain somewhere. It really is inspiring to be around so many adventurous spirits who are willing to walk you through adventure travel options for almost any activity, anywhere in the world.

Not only will all of the latest in outdoor gadgets and gear be on display, you'll also have access to talks by some of the world's famous explorers, athletes, and experts. Everything from walking to climbing to biking as well as eco travel, extreme adventuring, and wilderness travel. Plus, your 15 ticket (free for anyone under 16) also gets you into The London Bike Show, the Triathlon Plus Show, and the London International Dive Show which are all on at the same time at the ExCel Centre.

The ExCel Centre is located near Greenwhich and can be easily accessed by London's DLR train. The building itself is a beautiful piece of architecture and since 2000 has been an amazing addition to the city. The Telegraph Outdoor Show is worth a trip to London if you happen to live out of town. Check out the Holiday Inn in Bloomsbury for an affordable option in a great location.

London's Telegraph Outdoor Show runs from February 13th to 16th and has to be seen to be believed. Try out the zip line and get your adreniline pumping before learning about the world's most adventurous activites. Get active, get inspired and then get out there in the world and be adventurous! - Australia - Canada - Europe - New Zealand

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